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We produce and select the best products for you.

PARGASOR group is a private group of companys, which operates internationally in various market segments. The group is a producer, and select products, respecting the most stringent criteria imposed by quality rules, hygiene, safety and customer needs. We provide our customers products certified and internationally recognized. We highlight in our product list cooking oils, olive oil, flour, sugar, rice, olives, lupins, wine, frozen fish.

Professionals with many years of experience, are part of PARGASOR’s board. We all share a common goal: exceed customer expectations.

Our process consists on adapt a product, work the image, and deliver the end result in accordance with all requirements. Our extensive offering is based on essential sectors food. 

Payment Terms:

Should be effected in the following terms: 100% Letter of Credit at sight, Irrevocable and confirmed
Should be Bank on the Top 20 in the world


Will be delivered to the buyer the follow documents:
– Commercial Invoice
– Packing List
– Bill of Lading
– Certificate of Origin
– Phytosanitary certificate according to international standard phytosanitary inspection certificate
– SGS Certification (quality & shipment), pictures of product whit company name and newspaper of the


1. Seller sends Soft Corporate Offer
2. Buyer sends Letter of Intent with full banking details after accepting the offer
3. Seller issues FCO
4. Buyer signs and seals and return the FCO to seller
5. Seller issues Draft Sales and Purchase Contract to buyer
6. Buyer review the Draft Contract and electronically sign and seal the contract and send it back to seller by email
7. Seller issues the Pro Forma Invoice.